Apple and Banana

Apple and Banana

Apple and Banana

after 4 months
125 g

Single fruit jars, such as Pure Apple and Pure Pear are mild in taste and ideal when starting to wean. Along with with the other varieties they can used as part of a cereal fruit porridge after 4 months of age. Jars are suitable for when out and about or when time is short.

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  • gluten free
  • egg free
  • lactose and milk free
  • unsweetened

Apple* 80 %, Banana* 20 %

*from biodynamic farming (Demeter quality)

Countries of origin of the main ingredients:
Italy / Brazil / Germany

Stir before use. Start feeding 2-4 teaspoons and increase amount up to one jar.


Alle Holle Babygläschen werden ohne Zucker- und Salzzusatz, ohne Bindemittel, ohne Hefe, ohne Ei sowie ohne Milch und Milchbestanteile (Milcheiweiss, Lactose) hergestellt.

Please note:

To increase the availability of essential fatty acids we recommend fortifying with 1 teaspoon weaning oil. When introducing solid foods begin with a few spoons and increase the amount slowly according to your baby's needs. Unused food can be kept in the closed jar in the fridge for two days.